Presenting A Magnificent Range of Air Disinfection Purifiers and Wellis Air Disinfections, At Reasonable Prices! 

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Presenting A Magnificent Range of Air Disinfection Purifiers and Wellis Air Disinfections, At Reasonable Prices! 
About Us

We, Mittals Air Purification System Private Limited are aiming to become the most customer-friendly firm in Indian markets for Air purifiers. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, our ambition is to increase the supply & availability of technology advanced purifiers for customers across the country. For them, we are working in a well-organized and strategic manner so that, their every urgent requirement is fulfilled in shortest period of time. Our offered product line encompasses items such as Wellis Air Disinfection and Air Disinfection Purifier. We ensure that only the verified and perfectly functioning purifiers are delivered by us.

Being a customer-centric firm, our target always remains to deliver an unforgettable business experience. We are committed to their well-being and fulfillment; therefore, each step taken by our enterprise is in the direction of their absolute satisfaction. Our responsible customer relation managers ensure that transparent communication is maintained with each one of our customers throughout the processes. For their heavy requirements, we keep ourselves well-prepared with a voluminous stock as our manufacturing facilities enable us to produce around 5000 units of purifiers per month.

Quality At Its Best

The secret behind our growth is our commitment to quality maintenance and upgradation. We have a team of quality controllers which ensures that every single Air Disinfection Purifier and Wellis Air Disinfection offered by our company perfectly matches the latest norms. The purifiers served by us have quality features like: 

  • Automatic Operation: The purifiers are designed to automatically purify the airborne and surface contaminants.
  • Night Mode: The purifiers hold the night feature where they produce lower noise, offers silent functioning and offers low brightness for comfortable sleep.
  • Cartridge Alarm: The purifiers are featured to alarm the users in advance for replacing cartridge.
  • Alert: The purifiers has in-built feature to provide notification in case of empty cartridge or during the improper insertion of cartridge.


Some of the companies that back support us in increasing the supply of Air purifiers across the country are DS Group, JW Marriott, KSPL, PEDS, Genvolt, Sree Rayalaseema Hi-Strength Hypo Limited, Nectar Overseas, HTS Tentiq, Brilltech, Indian Railways, Adverb Technologies and WestBridge.
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